Sometimes the best ideas come when you can’t think of any.

It was almost like any other morning at work. We were in one of the conference rooms trying to come up with ideas. Except in this case there were none. Maybe it was just Lack of focus. Or maybe it was just Exhaustion. Whatever it was, we had nothing to say. Until we started playing with the white board behind us.

The ideas started to flow. The original assignment was forgotten. We started laughing. Having fun for the first time that day. People came in to see what the fuss was all about. Bunny ears were drawn. Halos. Birds pooping. And we knew we were onto something. And for a few months we enjoyed an uncensored creative outlet.

Of course change was inevitable. We got busy. Busier. Took vacations. Priorities changed. New jobs were offered.

And we decided that like with any great project, you have to know when to say when.

Ahead you'll find what came out of those "lack of ideas" moments:


aguaviva said...

compadre pero alla tiene que haber una pizarra con tiza!

BenignVanilla said...

Stop working. More whiteboarding.

Josh said...

This is awesome. Did this end up being the inspiration for that dude with the whiteboard on the UPS commercial?

RAWLS said...

Fantastic blog Freddy!!!